To Hell and Back, a subversive short by Bryce Morgan

To Hell and Back is a short romantic drama written by Allison Begalman and directed by Bryce Morgan. As the title suggests, the film approachs all sensitive issues around lesbianism by literally taking the view of a religious dogma on the road to hell. The story raises the question of love as a choice and draws homosexuality as a pure deviance. Yes I know, it sounds awful at first glance. But if the moral seems particularly dark, I think you should ask yourself this: what the writers really wanted to unveil here? I want to believe that To Hell and Back is in fact a subversive critique of dogmatic visions on sapphism. By yielding to every whim that still at work in our societies, the creators probably wanted to let the nonsense unfold its own self. The actresses performance was flawless by the way. So what do you think about this movie ?

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  1. Clémence says:

    Merci d’avoir partagé ce (très) court-métrage. Il est original.

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