Highlights on Daughter of Hope, a short film by Ryan Brown

Daughter of Hope is a spiritual drama written and directed by Ryan Brown. It tells the story of Sister Beatrice, a young and introverted nun with a monotonous lifestyle. Bored by her quotidian in the covent, she often takes refuge in an abandoned house and gets voluntarily lost in an imaginary life where she become Mia Madigan, a successful actress properly installed in a world of fantasy and freedom with her girlfriend Emmy. Obsessed with her dream and addicted to this artificial relationship, Beatricedrawns in a bottomless spiral which will only stop when the owners of the place discover the poor woman dehydrated, sitting alone in a corner of the house. Despite its somewhat rigid views on women of faith, Daughter of Hope paints an interesting picture of moral constraints and disillusionment; through a well designed work that reminded me of Vertigo. Beatrice and Emmy are portrayed by Emilie Jacobs and Lyle Friedman.

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