Highlights on Infinite Rose, another gem from Rebecca Shoptaw

Alone with her books, her computer and her tiredness, a girl sitting in the Yale University Library is trying to get down to work but an unexpected memory of a first kiss eventually disrupt her studious aspiration. By looking at the marks inscribed on the wall in front of her eyes, Rose lost herself in a romantic gateway where she sees Amy, the first girl she loved, and recalls precisely the brand of the lipstick she offered her that day. Infinite Rose, the perfect description of its owner. The dream continues, rose spreads, but the reality finally resurfaces… The movie is an original work created by Rebecca Shoptaw. The actresses featured are Emaline Kelso, and Ariel Lowrey. Note: one more time, I would like to remind you that Rebecca Shoptaw is uploading all her short films on her queer friendly Youtube channel.

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