Highlights on Kale and Jess

Kale and Jess started their Youtube channel in March of this year. They began by sharing small moments of life without really exposing their couple until the audience, intrigued by their relationship, begins to speculate a lot and requests them to do more Q&A, which will drive them to do a Girlfriend Tag in June. They are now trying to commit themselves a little bit more on the platform and uploading more content when they find the time to make vlogs, challenge videos or random stuff. Thanks to HauntedBird for the discovery, now I’ll probably loose a lot of my free time to catch their story from the beginning. Note, you can follow Kale and Jess on Twitter or Instagram via: @MarkaleChadaz and @JesicaNicholas. I chose to feature the clip where they reveal to be together because this is my favorite moment so far ♥

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  1. Jessica says:

    That was such a nice article. Thank you for writing it!
    Kale and Jess

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