Highlights on The Lotus Gun, a post-apocalyptic lesbian western by Amanda Milius

This 25 minutes film is a dystopian western, a real masterpiece written and directed by Amanda Milius. Set in the year 2077, in a post-apocalyptic universe where life is dominated by tribal communes, power relations, slavery and violence, The Lotus Gun follow the peaceful romance of Nora and Daphine as they chose to experience a quiet and secluded lifestyle in the countryside rather than depend on men’s protection. But when they fortuitously come into contact with a stranger trying to run away from a misogynistic drug cult, they find themselves forced to change their habits dramatically in order to escape an unforeseen threat. This event marks the end of their idyllic relationship in a makeshift home lost in the middle of the desert. The movie itself is aesthetically perfect and the scenario is very well done, I think it deserves all your attention. Daphine and Nora are portrayed by Dasha Nekrassova and Lauren Avery.

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