Highlights on Naomi from NaitotheGay

You may remember Naomi from the video she made with Meg Says, in which she shares her coming out story. I was wondering if she planned to launch her own channel after this collab and I had the pleasant surprise to fall on NaitotheGay Youtube account this morning. As I really appreciate her state of mind and personality, I thought it might be a good opportunity to share this fortunate discovery with you and to dig a little deeper into her world. To be honest, I was also curious to see if she had a girlfriend ♥ and listen to what she has to say on L topics. Naomi shares a lot of personal videos where she exhibits her opinions on everything that interests her, she also uploads vlogs and Q&A. I chose to feature the challenge video she recently made with her “wonderful other half” Hannah because it is a perfect introduction to her craziness.

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