Highlights on Extrasystole (2013), a medium-length film by Alice Douard

Extrasystole is a french film writen by Alice Douard. It was recently featured on arte and recommended to us by a reader. Raphaëlle is an hypokhâgne student of literature. She makes the acquaintance of Adèle Auch who will be her contemporary art teacher during the first year of her academic cycle. Charmed and impressed by this atypical woman, Raphaëlle is developing a genuine admiration for Adèle. Her feelings will quickly evolve into desire, their relationship will come out of the educational space to become more personal. Extrasystole, is the name of a premature heart contraction which interrupts the heartbeat. A symbolic disease evoking the efflorescence of a budding love. Raphaëlle and Adèle are portrayed by Mathilde Poymiro and Laetitia Dosch. The movie is temporarily available in french and german on arte.

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