Highlights on Fast Hearts, a short film by Franck Tabouring

Fast Hearts is an oneiric drama written and directed by Franck Tabouring. The film chronicles an impromptu romance between two women over the course of one weekend in Southern California plains. Lelia seeks inspiration to write her novel. One day, during a car ride in the desert, she falls on a mysterious hitchhiker to whom she offers hospitality. As she gradually learns to know Danene, Lelia slowly discovers a sensitive soul which looks more like a runaway than a traveler. Fascinated by her abstracted character, Lelia succumbs to the charm of her guest and indulges in an implicit game of seduction. The protagonists are portrayed by Lelia Symington and Danene Montella. Thanks to Open Valve Studios for sharing. Note: Franck Tabouring and Caitlin Crommett are currently working on a feature film inspired by Fast Hearts called The Violent Young, you can help them and support the project via Kickstarter.

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  1. Danene says:

    Thanks for writing this piece! You misspelled my name in the body copy, would you mind correcting it to be spelled as “Danene?”

  2. casper78 says:


  3. Lúcida says:

    Very good short film! Thank you for sharing it with us!

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