Highlights on Shimi, a short film by Kate Maveau

Keely is a lonely girl who just turned sixteen years old. She is enrolled in a prestigious dance class where she is training hard to become a ballerina. There she meets Mairi, a curious and alluring young lady with an antagonistic character and a hidden life. As she prepares herself to form a choreographic duo with Sarah, Keely’s feelings free themselves from their chains and drowns her soul in an irresistible passion involving her new secret friend, which she knows nothing about. The film is a metaphor of the lost virginity; where Mairi plays an allegory of the diabolical temptation while Sarah endorses the role of a keeper trying to preserve the innocence of keely, without any success. The end is very sad and a bit confusing, but the movie must be seen. Shimi is a well composed short drama written and directed by Kate Maveau. Sarah, Mairi and Keely are portrayed by Astrid Stoops, Céline Timmerman and Celine Verbeeck.

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