Highlights on The Safer Shore, a short film by Alicia Zimmerman

The Safer Shore is an almost silent movie which depicts the coming out story of a young girl concerned by the reaction of her mother. Its subject reflects the actual experience of the director who was afraid to speak with her parents while she was desperately in love with a person who seemed out of reach. The scenario is centered on the friendship of Emma and Lena. At first, they were just writting and exchanging sweet words to express their mutual affection. But after a long separation, the fantasies and oneiric desires of Emma will completely overwhelm their relationship and turn a genuine affinity into an outright love. Now, Emma just need to find the right way to confess this sapphic interest to her relatives. Note: you can turn on the subtitles via the option situated at the bottom right of the playerAlicia Zimmerman is a german student who shares her creations and other personal videos online.

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