Highlights on The Reason Behind Me, a short film by Dani van Herk

The Reason Behind Me is a short lesbian drama written and directed by Dani van Herk. The story is about two young women who put their relationship in question when passion gives way to routine. Bianca increasingly isolates herself from Ash in order to regain her creativity and pursue her career as a photographer. The problem is that her girlfriend is very confused by this attitude. In fact, Ash is completely frustrated by Bianca’s desire for solitude. After driving her to a small apartment where Bianca is supposed to stay alone for a while, Ash can’t resist the temptation to retrace her steps in order to understand what she did wrong. An argument breaks out and Bianca leaves the room. Walking in a parc, she randomly meets a student sitting on the floor which fascinates her. So she tries to capture the moment with her camera. The day continues, night falls and when Bianca returns to her room for watching her shots, she eventually smiles at her latest pictures of Ash; as if she’s just realized that her best inspiration is there before her eyes. The protagonists are portrayed by Kate Austin and Bianca Bradey.

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