Imogen & Jack in Degrassi

A new student at Degrassi Community School, Jack met Imogen in Mr. Perino’s class when Imogen volunteered to include Jack in her project group, along with Becky. Jack and Imogen discovered that they had a lot of common interests and appeared interested in one another, though Imogen’s best friend, Becky Baker, grew jealous of their new friendship. Becky asked Imogen to the school’s semi-dance, which Jack had also planned to do. However, Becky realized that she couldn’t fake romantic feelings for Imogen, and persuaded Jack to go ask Imogen to dance. Jack and Imogen maintained a friendship until their mutual attraction developed into a relationship and they became a couple in Hypnotize. They were dating strongly until Jack refused to tell her parents that she was gay and was dating Imogen which caused them to break-up in Walking in My Shoes. They reunited briefly in Finally just before prom but the day after they broke-up again because Imogen realized they weren’t meant to be.

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