In Still Waters, a short film by Astrid Rondero

In Still Waters, also known as En Aguas Quitas, is a mexican drama directed by Astrid Rondero. It tells the story of Ana, a runaway who encounters Mar by chance as the latter returns home after years of absence. The two women reconnect over the night and slowly discover what unites them. By exploring each other’s fears, they eventually realize that under calm waters hides a bottomless well. En Aguas Quitas is composed as an Ode to Psyche, where dreams are intertwined with reality, showing a relationship emerging from a hostile situation. The film is a cinematic thesis concluding the academic studies of Astrid Rondero at the Centro Universitario de Estudios Cinematográficos (CUEC). The story poetically depicts one of the most important moments of her own life. Ana and Mar are portrayed by Yaride Rizk and María Renée Prudencio.

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