In the Hollow, a documentary film by Claudia Brenner & Austin Bunn

In the Hollow is a documentary film written by Claudia Brenner and Austin Bunn. Its screenplay is based on a true story, more specifically on the testimony of Claudia Brenner in honor & memory of Rebecca Wight, murdered on May 13, 1988 in Pennsylvania’s Michaux State Forest. Claudia Brenner and her girlfriend Rebecca Wight were attacked by a “mountain man” named Stephen Roy Carr on the Appalachian Trail. Lyric and visceral, In the Hollow blends past and present in a hybrid short, following the sole survivor as she returns to the trail for the first time, in search of the path of her survival. The film is a respectful reenactment mixing real pictures to recomposed scenes. The actors are Julia Christgau, Miasarah Lai and Ian Cramer. I invite you to visit Austin Bunn website for more informations or to look for Rebecca Wight.

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