Instinct, a short film by Maria Alice Arida

Instinct is a psychosexual thriller, a captivating short film directed by Maria Alice Arida. It tells the story of Isabelle, a lonely gallery owner with secrets, who meets her match when a young, seductively dangerous artist, named Camila, comes to perform in her gallery. When the performance piece turns into a near death experience, Camila notices something within Isabelle and goes to her apartment later that night to find out what she’s hiding. Could this be Isabelle’s last chance at love? Or is what lurks beneath the surface too much for Camila? Here is a statement made by the director: “There’s a dark side of women that’s not usually portrayed in films. Female characters are typically delicate, sweet, and loving. But what happens when the dark side of our souls takes over? What lights that fire? These are questions I’ve often asked myself and the main themes I want to examine as a filmmaker. In Instinct, my hope is to explore such taboo themes about femininity and female sexuality, and ultimately shed light into what it’s like when we surrender to the darkness”. Isabelle and Camila are portrayed by Christine Kellogg-Darrin and Jordan Monaghan. The film is officially shared by Alter.

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