Irrelevant, a sapphic song by Abby Diamond

Irrelevant is a sapphic song shared by Brooklyn-based artist Abby Diamond. A follow-up to her chilled-out EPs Down, Down Deep (2015) and Sorceress (2017), “Irrelevant” follows muses Gio and Sunday Johnson as they get physical with the thrills and spills of young and lucid love, exploring the intimacies and insecurities of a new queer relationship. Opening to the sounds of a jungle at night, the video paints an iridescent dreamscape with neon pink and blue hues – the brain child of French director Emilie Aubry. Atop Diamond’s immersive electro-R&B sound, the steamy visuals take an interesting twist: Vacant stares, soggy cereal, and a cold bubble bath punctuate her daydream before she wakes up and comes back to reality.

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