Jasmin & Annette, lesbian wedding in Germany

Jasmin and Annette were married May 8, 2014 on a beautiful Venue of Bootshaus Weissenhaus manor in Wangels, Schleswig-Holstein. With a magnificent view over the azur blue sea. This prodigious white villa, which became a five star hotel, is a must-go for all spa lovers who enjoy quiet swim session, finest german gastronomy and who are in need of relaxing walks in a natural setting far from the noisiy activity of metropolis. In this wedding highlights, we follow our couple’s special day accompanied by a very small circle of friends and family who came here to attend a symbolic and discreet ceremony. Away from the usual big wedding parties, this little gathering provides a soothing character to Jasmin & Annette vows by strengthening the authentic side of their union.

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