Je, tu, il, elle (1974) lesbian film

Je, tu, il, elle (“I, You, He, She” in english) is a Franco-Belgian drama written and directed by Chantal Akerman. The film is considered as an avant-gardist fragment and is mainly aimed at people with a literary knowledge. A young woman alone in a room moves her furniture, wrote letters and eats powdered sugar. She then leaves her room and encounter a teamster with whom she wanders a time. Later, she joins a young woman with whom she makes love. At the time of shooting, Chantal Akerman was 24 and the film is a wonderfully blatant work of autobiography. The progress of this film’s narrative is clearly heralded by its title. The “I” is a young woman, a willing prisoner in a bedroom. The presence of time dramatizes this enclosure in relation to solitude and solitude’s impossibility. The “you” is the writing, of letters and texts. The “he” is a lorry-driver who talks of his relationship to women. Finally, “she”, a girlfriend who at first refuses to take back the recluse and at last invites her into bed.

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