Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss, fantasy couple from Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds is a detective saga created by Jeff Davis. The Behavioral Analysis Unit located in Quantico, Virginia, is a division of the FBI. The series follows a team of profilers led by Agent Aaron Hotchner. The group move across the US to investigate locally on criminals and serial killers. Each member has its specialty and personality, which makes them complementary. The show featured a beautiful friendship between Jennifer Jareau and Emily Prentiss. The first one was an officer in charge of liaisons with local police and media services, she took care of press conferences organization. Emily was chosen by Erin Strauss to discredit and cause the disband of the B.A.U but she prefers to resign rather than betray her team. Jennifer “JJ” Jareau and Emily Prentiss are portrayed by Andrea Joy Cook and Paget Brewster.

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