Kadena in The Bold Type Season 3

The third season of The Bold Type premiered April 9, 2019 on Freeform. Picking up right after the heartbreak, romance and uncertainty from the season two finale in Paris, our trio is back in New York City where Jane, Kat and Sutton are all dealing with the aftermath of some major decisions. Meanwhile, Scarlet Magazine is undergoing some changes, with new staffers brought on board who bound to ruffle some feathers. Adena is also back in town, but Kat and her campaign manager, Tia (Alexis Floyd), have been hitting it off. It sounds like Kat may face her love triangle head on. “Kat makes a choice not to run from her problems anymore,” Freeform’s logline says. Kat and Adena are portrayed by Aisha Dee and Nikohl Boosheri.

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