Keep an eye on Dormir Désir

Dormir Désir, also known as Sleeping Longing, is a canadian short film directed by Virginie Nolin. It explores the marginality of family and love relationships playing with contrasts and discomfort. Here is a statement made by the artist: “I was 24 when my father died in 2015. It took me four years to complete this film. I needed to be the closest possible to my character and finally found peace in accepting the autobiographical work I was making. Almost every detail is true. I was interested in the memory of my father’s voice as a painful and comforting obsession. Although I experienced some intense events like the heartbreaking speeches at the funerals or the trauma of holding my father’s hand when he died, I did not show those scenes and chose to look at the in-between moments: the driving, the eating, the preparation, the condolences calls, the before and after the funeral. Those moments formed a story made of ellipses where I tell a traumatic and fragmented story which encapsulates the essence of my grief. Moving through these vignettes we experience the character’s denial through those missing parts. I wanted to express in a simple manner how I felt a gap between my feelings and my needs. Need for a satisfying steak and fries, need for silence, need for a good swim, and more mysteriously for me, need for sex. I did not understand what was going on then, neither did my girlfriend”.

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