Keep an eye on T11 Incomplete

T11 Incomplete is an upcoming american lesbian film directed by Suzanne Guacci. Here is the official synopsis: Kate has not had an easy life. She knows a lot of the blame for that can be laid at her own feet. She steadfastly maintains her sobriety and tries to make amends to son Jack, who refuses to forgive her for past mistakes. Working every hour she can as a home health aide, Kate meets paraplegic Laura. Recognising in each other the struggle to survive – Laura has her own demons to fight – what starts out as a tender friendship soon turns into something neither women were expecting to feel. And as Laura begins to fall in love with Kate, a woman her overprotective brother deems entirely unsuitable for her, it’s Kate’s own actions that might derail their burgeoning relationship. With excellent performances throughout, this is a heartfelt and moving film about love and the power of forgiveness.

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