Keep an eye on The Good Fight Season 3

The battle continues when The Good Fight, the critically acclaimed CBS All Access original drama, returns for Season 3 on Thursday, March 14, exclusively on CBS All Access. Then, every Thursday after that, a brand-new episode will be made available for the platform subscribers. The world went crazy during the second season of The Good Fight, and now, the resistance does. Diane Lockhart tries to figure out whether you can resist an unstable administration without going insane yourself, while Adrian Boseman and Liz Reddick-Lawrence struggle with a new post-factual world where the lawyer who tells the best story triumphs over the lawyer with the best facts. Meanwhile, Lucca Quinn balances a new baby with a new love, and Maia Rindell finds a new Mephistopheles in Roland Blum, a lawyer who’s corruption incarnate.

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  1. Emma says:

    For Marion, the three compilations should be focused around:
    Maia and Amy (S1)
    Maia and Carine (S2)
    Maia and Marissa’s friendship (S2).

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