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Gypsy: The Oath will premiere on Netflix from June 30th. The original series is a psychological thriller of 10 episodes, created by Lisa Rubin. The story is presented as “a twisted cautionary tale about repressed women”. It revolves around Jean Holloway, a married therapist who begins to develop dangerous and intimate relationships with “the people in her patients’ lives”. According to the writer: “the show is a little bit of a roller coaster… it gets very twisted, very dark, and it’s very sexy. You think you’re with this character, and as things progress, the rug is pulled out, and it starts to move like a train. That’s part of the fun of it, to realize how psychologically twisted the show might be. You’re having fun with a character who, at times, you’re going to be totally on board with, and at times completely appalled by”. Jean is portrayed by Naomi Watts. Given her marital status with Billy Crudup, her husband in the series, I don’t kwow if we should expect too much from the f/f relationship, but the teaser looks interesting.

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  1. Julia ann loomis says:

    Glad I found this site. thanks 4 info. also very interested in lesbian content in media contexts & promoting positive relationships & images..if so inclined would love 2 connect w/ Emma Recamier.. on IG.. using full name.. thanks.

  2. Root says:

    This show is AMAZING!!! I’m hoping they will make a second season…
    I’m loving this site… I used to go to afterellen to see which shows had lesbian content… but now they are doing a terrible job… I’m so glad I found you!!! Thanks!!!

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