Keep an eye on The ‘Other’ Love Story, an Indian web series

India is about to release a promising lesbian web series directed by Roopa Rao this month. Firstly conceived as a feature film, the project has slowly turned into a 12 episodes show after being rejected by television producers. Set in ’90s Bangalore, The ‘Other’ Love Story depicts a same-sex romance between two young women living in a conservative environment, around people concerned by traditional customs and religious morality. In this context, they will try their best to build a relationship based on true love and overcome all the dramas caused by their couple in the name of freedom. As previously said, the series will be broadcasted online in august. Note: there is no precise release date available yet, so stay tuned.

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  1. Urusha says:

    There is a nepali movie which is also in Youtube with english subtitle. I hope you guys can include this too in your list. It’s called ‘Soongava’.

    Film: [hidden link]

  2. Aanya Mishra says:

    Emma you are doing such a great job. I was searching this kind of website from a long time and finally i found your website. With this help we are always updated with movies, series, web series, reality shows etc. Many many thanks to you for this help. I feel proud to be a lesbian but still single.

    • Maaya says:

      Such a great website. Good job guys. I just love the lesbian story, “The Other Love Story”. I’m simply crazy about aachal and aadhya. Hats off to both of you girls. The story was simply amazing.

  3. Debarati Saha says:

    The story is heart touching. Few scenes brought tears in eyes. This love is the purest one as Aadya expressed Aanchal……………..
    Just fatafati…

  4. Debarati Saha says:

    Will be eagerly waiting for the next episodes after Aanchal returns for America & what happen to them?

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