Kelly and Yorki in the Netflix series Black Mirror

The third season of Black Mirror amply deserves to be watched, it should sincerely be part of your agenda. There is not a single episode unworthy of attention and San Junipero is considered as the most encouraging movie yet, both by fans and the media. Black Mirror is designed as a dystopian series of medium-length films (each episode lasts a little less than an hour) in which the creators are questioning our relationship with technology. In the fourth chapter, Yorki met Kelly in a trendy night club and their instant chemistry makes sparks fly. I did not expect to follow a story as well crafted, with such charming scenes between Mackenzie Davis and Gugu Mbatha-Raw. Although the atmosphere is mostly dark, San Jupinero is the only episode that end on a rather “positive” note. The aesthetic is blue, catchy, perfect and the actresses are awesome. I give this show an eight out of ten and a special mention to Charlie Brooker.

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  1. Caddy says:

    I love this episode, really great

  2. Allie says:

    I could not thank you enough for this recommendation! The shows is amazing, every episode is a brilliant piece of art. Thank you sooo much!

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