Klaudia and Ola in Na Wspólnej

Na Wspólnej is a soap opera running in Poland. This show was aired for the first time on TVN in 2003. You cand find all the clips involving Ola and Klaudia on the informal fanpage created on facebook (without any translation). The F/F couple shown below is formed by Klaudia and Ola, respectively portrayed by Julia Trembecka and Marta Wierzbicka.

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  1. dzikirumun says:

    Wow, how did you find it?

  2. lucidabista says:

    Actually, someone was kind enough to put the entire story in dailymotion with english subtitles! You can search it by the name “Ola & Klaudia 1 (english subtitles)”. It is, indeed, a very cute couple.


    Ya la kitaron

  4. manutd9 says:

    But they broke up, if anyone is interested. As long as the didn’t misspelled something Ola cheats on Klaudia.

    I’m not watching this, but most polish sites think that TV is more important than real life and hints from shows are always the biggest news.

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