La Hyène and Anaïs in Vernon Subutex

Vernon Subutex is a french television show, a Canal Plus original series directed by Cathy Verney, starring Romain Duris and Céline Sallette. The story is inspired by a popular pair of novels from author Virginie Despentes, a bestseller in France which was crying out for a small screen adaptation. The series’ nine, half-hour episodes track the titular main character, Vernon Subutex, a now-unemployed, former record shop owner who gets evicted and reaches out to former contacts still involved in the music industry. After a night with rock star Alex Bleach, Vernon becomes a wanted man when Bleach winds up dead of an overdose, leaving behind three mysterious video tapes. As in the books, La Hyène is a highly charismatic lesbian character in Vernon Subutex. She seduces and fall in love with Anaïs, portrayed by Flora Fischbach.

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