La théorie du Y, a sapphic webseries

La thérorie du Y is a Belgian (french) webseries written and directed by Caroline Taillet. The story is adapted from an eponym play she created in 2014. Her inspiration comes from her personal experiences and her memoir at the IAD, which dealt with “Bisexuality and theater”. Here is the synopisis: Anna and Matteo are on their way to a family meal, like every Sunday. But in Anna’s head, it boils, she can’t help imagining another reality … so far from her own. Today, without warning, everything explodes. A hand touches her, a look seduces her. Anna discovers a world she does not know. A world where she can be lost? “The Theory of Y” explores the desires and loves of today, with humour and delicacy. Caroline’s work is shared on Youtube by RTBF, it will consist of eleven episodes. Note: you can activate English subtitles via the player options.

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  1. Thaslima says:

    Plz subscribe to my lesbian crush youtube channel

  2. Julia ann loomis says:

    Love this web series.. thanks 4 info.. find me @ juliaannloomis on IG.would love 2 talk 2 Emma R.

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