LA Web Series Season 1

LA Web Series is a sapphic-themed webseries of 8 episodes filmed by Ona Isart. It is starring Emma Maddock and Alexandra Swarens. This is ultimately a love story between two young women. Here is a brief synopsis of this work: “What they do explore is their pasts, they create present memories, and contemplate their future intent. Landon and Avery come from two different walks of life, but they happened to be in the same place at the same time. It wasn’t really the perfect moment to meet, but maybe that makes it better. After much obstinance from the two, they finally decide to spend the night walking around Los Angeles together. There, they discuss certain things, and silence others, they slowly disclose memories hold closest to themselves. With Landon’s impending flight back home to England the next morning, they promise to meet up again, one day… An immeasurable amount of things happen in a week let alone a month, a month let alone a year, a year let alone several.”

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  1. Esha Kapoor says:

    It is a worth watching web series but can you please tell me some latest lesbian web series to watch?

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