Lacey and Whitney in Twisted, lesbian scene

A clip of Lacey and Whitney in the episode 18 of the TV serie Twisted. Lacey Porter is played by the actress Kylie Bunbury and Whitney Taylor is played by the actress Brianne Howey. The series focuses on a sixteen-year-old Danny Desai (Avan Jogia), who was charged with killing his aunt when he was eleven. Having spent five years in juvenile detention, he is released and returns to his hometown of Green Grove, New York. While trying to rekindle old friendships and facing the challenges of dealing with his judgmental peers, Danny becomes the prime suspect in the murder of a classmate. Realizing the town does not care about the truth and only wants to see him charged with the crime, Danny becomes determined to clear his name. Meanwhile, he must maintain a secret he has never told anyone; the reason he killed his aunt.

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