Lesbian Links

Find more lesbian sites & resources for entertainment on this directory. We are not affiliated with the websites listed.

Famous Lesbian Media, Magazines, Databases & Blogs
AfterEllen is a magazine for lesbian and bisexual women.
OneMoreLesbian is a very well known space who’s supporting a lot of interesting lesbian-themed projects.
Autostraddle is the world’s most popular independent LGBTQ women’s website. Girl on girl culture for lesbian and bisexual women at the edge.
Dzomvs is a lesbian-themed magazine focused on movies, web series, tv shows and music. | The project is paused |
Lezwatchtv is a database of queer female, non-binary, & transgender characters on TV.
LesbianMedia is a good quality database of sapphic movies, tv shows and lesbian scenes.
Lesbian Entertainment is providing us with as much reviews and previews as possible on lesbian entertainment. | The project is paused |
Lgbtfansdeservebetter is a database created by fans concerned with LGBT representation and handling of LGBT characters & stories in the media today.
GoMag is the cultural roadmap for city girls everywhere.
Lesflicks is Europe’s first dedicated lesbian film platform with shorts, features and webseries available to watch online around the world.
Divamag is one of the Europe’s leading magazines for lesbian & bisexual women.
KitschMix is a dedicated website for LGBTQ women with a section reserved to films and tv shows.
Curvemag is a magazine focused on lesbian news, politics, culture, lifestyle, travel, and fashion.
Lesbian.com aims to create a hub for lesbian life globally and empower women and lesbians all over the world.
Lesbianews is an LGBTQ magazine. North America’s longest running lesbian publication.

Most Popular Lesbian Forums and Discussion Platforms
The L Chat is a forum focused on gossip and drama around the lesbian world. | Third migration |
Butchfemmeplanet is a lesbian forum, a great community for active discussions.

Lesbian-themed books, reviews and podcasts (female-centered/wlw/sapphic)
The Lesbian Talk Show is a podcast channel dedicated to shows that empower women. All podcasts are created by women for women.
Ylva Publishing is the home of quality books about women loving women. Lesbian romance.
Bella Books is proud to be the largest lesbian-owned press devoted to the publication of vibrant and irresistible fiction for and about women-loving-women.
The Lesbian Review is an interesting source to find f/f Books, Audiobooks, Music & Movies

Regional Lesbian Media and Directories
Jeanne Magazine is a 100% lesbian-focused french e-zine.
Univers-l is a french  portal around the lesbian culture, one of the best french e-zine.
Lezspreadtheword is a french canadian  e-zine focused on art and politic.
Barbiturix is a french magazine around L culture, news, art, mode and politic.
Lesbicanarias is a spanish sapphic media with a lot of precious articles, books, reviews and more ressources around the lesbian interest.
Aletral is a brazilian (portuguese) portal for lesbian and bisexual women.
Gbloom is a spanish Media & Entertainment multi-fandom for LGBTQ women. Gbloom celebrates the positive representation of LGBTQ women in the media.
Arcencielle is a french magazine about lesbian films, DVD, shorts and more.
Lesbian Lips is a spanish lesbian magazine who is proudly promoting a sapphic culture.
Her2her is a german site promoting good lesbian places in Switzerland and Germany.
Lez-Attitude is a french magazine about lesbian books, DVD, posters and more.
Hayunalesbianaenmisopa is a spanish lesbian-centered magazine for queer women.
Mirales is a spanish magazine for lesbian and bisexual women.
LesBout is a brazilian (portuguese) website made by LGBTQ+ women.

Lesbian content producers, studios and distributors
SoulKissFilms is a very well known independent producer focused on lesbian love stories.
WolfeVideo is one of the biggest LGBT content reseller with a VOD part and a streaming access.
Tellofilms is a famous producer and an online distributor of lesbian high quality web series.
Strand Releasing is one of the best independant film distributor focused on LGBT works.
Peccadillo Pictures is a UK-based film distributor of art house, gay and lesbian, independent and world cinema.

Festivals we like and follow
Sundance is one of the most trusted place to discover new indie films.
Outfest is an LGBT-oriented film showcase and festival in Los Angeles, California.
Tiff or Toronto International Film Festival, an essential destination for all movie lovers.
InsideOut is a Canadian festival which highlights new gay-themed films.
Cineffable is a French event: Paris International Lesbian and Feminist Film Festival.

Amateur Blogs & Lesbian Film Reviews
Dorothy Surrenders is a gay gal’s guide to popculture.
Lesbianfilms is a famous tumblr blog who’s reviewing L films since: April 22nd, 2013.
The lesbian blog is a safe space for lesbians made by Emily and Faith.
Lesbian Entertainment is a blog making reviews of upcoming and current LGBT films & TV series.
Lesbian Films Reviews is a great place to read L film reviews and find new content to watch. | The project is paused |
Pnttv Network is an all queer female entertainment website.
Lescentricguide is a blog created by Christie Conochalla to support filmmakers via crowdfunding campaigns. | The project is paused |
Leztalk is a lesbian film database made by Rima and Cara with relevant critics and personal point of views. | Not operating anymore |

Female-focused erotic sites & rare lesbian scenes
Clubez is a lesbian-themed database of erotic movies & mainstream love scenes. | Please read the FAQ and history of ELMS |
The lesbian scenes is a tumblr blog focused on mainstream movie scenes showing women in love. | Is now operating on Flickr |
Sapphicscenes is a tumblr blog archiving mainstream lesbian scenes from TV shows and films. | The project is paused |