En vrac (2) – works that might interest you

Here is a list of wlw-themed works (three upcoming movies) on which i’m keeping an eye on and other interesting creations (an inspirational dance & a new webseries) you might like.

Thelma is an upcoming Norwegian supernatural horror-thriller film directed by Joachim Trier, and starring Eili Harboe. The film is scheduled to be screened at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival. Here is a synopsis of the movie: recently moved to Oslo to attend school, a young woman falls in love with her classmate and discovers that she possesses terrifying powers.

Slaw Jack is a movement film to the sounds of the awe-inspiring Amelia Meath: vocals; Nick Sanborn: chord organ; and Jenn Wasner: piano. The track is “Slack Jaw” off of Sylvan Esso’s Echo Mountain Sessions EP. The dance is performed by Ellen Page and Emma Portner. You can find the orginal music video clip of this song here. (Thanks Katarina)

Gal Pals is a new comedy webseries about the interwoven lives of a group of girls living in Los Angeles. The work was created by women-loving women living in Los Angeles and is presented as “The L Word for the Broad City generation”. Season One follows Bee, whose self-destructive game of cat and mouse comes to a halt when she starts falling for one of her seemingly straight targets. Note: the playlist start with the last epiode. (Thanks Dave)

Embrasse moi or Kiss me is a romantic French comedy co-written and co-directed by Océanerosemarie and Cyprien Vial. This feature film was selected in competition and screened at the Champs-Élysées Film Festival in June 2017. Here is a synopsis: Oceanerosemarie falls in love with Cecile and is convinced that she’s the woman of her life, unlike her mother who knows the tumultuous sentimental life of her daughter. One day, Cécile surprises Océanerosemarie embracing one of her ex, that’s when the problems start… (Thanks Virginie)

Seventeen, also know as Siebzehn, is an Austrian coming-of-age drama written and directed by Monja Art. Here is a synopsis: Paula, an ordinary young student, is in love with her classmate Charlotte. At the same time she feels permanently provoked by dissolute Lilly to challenge her limits. The film is starring Elisabeth Wabitsch, Anaelle Dézsy and Alexandra Schmidt.

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