Notas Aparte (season 1) lesbian webseries

On the occasion of Aysha and Mònica‘s interviews, the production team of Notas Aparte confirmed a release date in the course of this month. This spanish webseries will follow Sara, a young student who receives private lessons from Helena, in order to succeed her final exams and prepare for university. Sara is a little shy and naive, in one word closeted, so when she discovers her tutoress homosexuality, she gets seriously distracted. She also learn more things about herself than expected, and the up-front attitude of Helena does not really help her to focus on her studies. The story of Notas Aparte revolves around a female character about to grow up at the speed of light, with the help of a proud lesbian girl who will simply opens her eyes to life. All videos are subtitled in English, you can enable or disable them in the options.

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