Lesbolin in Costa Rica, a clip made by Jasmin Selva

Lesbolin is a short documentary created by Jasmin Selva. Its content shows sixteen girls who meet in San Jose, Costa Rica, to compete in the first Championship of Lesbolin, a Costa Rican lesbian Foosball League. The director tried to expose the room’s atmosphere and the mentality of all female participants, through an aesthetic work flirting with the cinematographic codes of fiction. The result is fascinating. It will undoubtedly remind you of Downtowngirlsbball, a film by Elena Parasco that we mentioned here recently. The girl’s names are listed in the video description. The sound playing in the background is called La Cumbia de las Flores, a mix made by Nochi & Jleon. Yep, another clip that gives me a pretext to make an interesting analogy.

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