List of three recent films that might interest you

By putting some order in my list of movies to watch and follow, I found some titles that I forgot to mention here. Each of these works are a bit clichés, but interesting enough to be highlighted. Liberty’s Secret and Teenage Cocktail are already available in dvd/vod, and very easy to find online. Maybe Tomorrow is the only one of the three films that is still in its festival tour.

Liberty’s Secret is a lesbian movie-musical, a romantic comedy created by Andy Kirshner and Debbie Williams. It tells the story of Liberty Smith, a Bible Belt ingénue who rockets to political super-stardom, the perfect running mate. She’s American as apple pie, sings like an angel, and is the daughter of a prominent “family values” preacher, exactly what a floundering presidential campaign needs to energize its conservative base and rally the faithful. But when political novice Liberty falls for her (female) spin doctor, it’s a cable news catastrophe. Now she must choose between the life she’s known, and the love she’s dreamed of. And all of America is watching! Liberty Smith and Nikki Levine are portrayed by Jaclene Wilk and Cara AnnMarie.

Teenage Cocktail is a romantic thriller directed by John Carchietta. The story revolves around Annie (Nichole Bloom) and Jules (Fabianne Therese), an ideal couple of careless teenage girls. They have developed a plan: running away from their insipid suburban life. But to do this, they need a lot of money, according to their calculations. So Jules introduces her recalcitrant partner to a lucrative universe of online modeling. Nothing too serious, in the beginning, but as their videos are quickly noticed, their clientele grows, and the two girls become addicted to easy money. One day, a customer called Frank (Pat Healy) comes in contact with them. Annie and Jules sees him as a great business opportunity, but things won’t really go as planned.

Maybe Tomorrow, also known as Baka Bukas in its original version, is a Filipino movie written and directed by Samantha Lee. The story follows the professional and intimate life of Alex, a 23 year old gay girl based in Manila. She is out to most people except her best friend Jess, who she has been secretly in love with since they were kids. When Jess discovers the truth about Alex’s closeted feelings, the two friends are forced to confront and redefine the nature of their relationship. Alex and Jess are portrayed by Jasmine Curtis and Louise de los Reyes.

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