Live and Learn ft. Steve Bow by Andrés Badler, sapphic-themed music video clip

Live & Learn is an electro song created by the famous disc jockey and producer Andrés Badler. The work is featuring Steve Bow as interpreter. The official music video of Live and Learn drags us into the dream of a young woman who imagines to spend a whole day head to head with her girl friend while on holiday. She sees herself with her lover at the beach, on the road, in a bedroom and dancing at a night party. But in the morning, she is awakened by the music of her mobile phone and realises that all these moments might only be the fruit of her imagination; until she receives a new message from her girlfriend who asks her if she wants to have another go. The colors are beautiful, the girls are cute and the single is pleasant to listen, so we can consume it without any moderation.

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