Looping (2016) lesbian movie

Looping is a German film depicting an all-female love triangle (for once). This is the first work directed by Léonie Krippendorf. The movie was released in August 2016 in Germany. It tells the story of Leila (Jella Haase), a 19-year-old woman in love with her best friend Sarah. Despite a flirt between them, Sarah is more interested in boys. After a chaotic night, Leila is taken to the emergency room. She decides to be voluntarily interned in psychiatry (because of what happened that night). There, she shares her room with Ann (Mari Lou Sellem), a 52 year old woman very secret about the reasons for her internment. They are later joined by a third woman of 35 years old named Frenja (Lana Cooper), a married mother who suffers from bulimia. The three protagonists get closer and end up falling in love.

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