Bo and Lauren in Lost Girl

Lost Girl is a canadian series created by Michelle A. Lovretta. Bo (Anna Silk) is a Succubus who grew up in an adopted human family, unaware of her non-human nature and of the Fae world she descended from. She began to feel “different” when she entered puberty and didn’t know she was not normal until she accidentally killed her high school boyfriend by draining his life energy during her first sexual encounter. When she told her parents what had happened, they broke the news to Bo that she had been adopted (see “Raging Fae”). Not knowing what she was and what she had done, Bo hated herself and ran away from home, exchanging her previous life for one without family or friends, moving from place to place and assuming a false identity whenever she killed again. The F/F couple shown below is formed by Anna Silk and Zoe Palmer.

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  1. asha says:

    Bo and lauren sooooo sexy together

  2. asha says:

    Sooooo sexy

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