Lovers and Friends L.A spinoff webseries

Lovers and Friends L.A is a spinoff to The Lovers and Friends Show Miami based series, which followed a group of gay men and women struggling with their relationships while trying to make a breakthrough in the entertainment industry of Los Angeles. This season features Nicole Pina as Tori and Micalea Ramey as Kayla, a lesbian couple who relocates in the city and become consumed with the steamy drama of Kayla’s old friends. The latter is eager to return to the state of California, where she was raised. She wants to reunite with Cassandra and Allie, her friends from college, and start her new job in the UCLA art department but while she’s ready to share her friends with Tori, she’s not so willing to share her past. Note that this webseries releases only one episode per month (every 3 or 4 weeks). You may recognize Emma Maddock who should also play a leading role in LA Web Series if their fundraising campaign works.

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