Lucy, 4:57 PM, a short film by Michael Thomas and Nadine Vassallo

As Dylan Gelula is gently taking another relief in the lesbian universe, it’s probably a good time to revisit her acting career by discovering the roles she accepted before the release of First Girl I LovedLucy, 4:57 PM is a short film written by Michael Thomas and Nadine Vassallo in 2013. It tells the story of a rebellious teenager wishing to leave her boring neighborhood and radically change her life. So she decides to run away with Sheila, her young photography teacher with whom she develops a secret relationship. But, being more composed and mature, Sheila does’nt necessarily share the idyllic vision of Lucy on the perfect evasion. Then, a drama will come out of a romantic dream way too far from the constraints of reality. Sheila and Lucy are potrayed by Dylan Gelula and Victoria Frings. The film made a fairly quiet passage in LGBT festivals when it deserves a very special attention in my opinion.

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