Mädchen in Uniform (1931) lesbian movie

Mädchen in Uniform (Girls in Uniform) is a 1931 German lesbian-themed feature-length film based on the play Gestern und heute (Then and Now, lit. Yesterday and Today) by Christa Winsloe and directed by Leontine Sagan with artistic direction from Carl Froelich, who also funded the film. Winsloe also wrote the screenplay and was on the set during filming. The film remains an international cult classic. Here is a synopsis of the movie: After the death of her mother, teenage Manuela (Hertha Thiele) is sent off to a boarding school run by the autocratic Fräulein von Nordeck (Emilia Unda). Initially withdrawn from the other girls due to her grief and anger at being sent away, Manuela is drawn out of her shell by the beautiful and sympathetic young teacher Elizabeth von Bernburg (Dorothea Wieck). But when Manuela’s fondness for her teacher turns into a romantic attachment, it becomes a school-wide scandal.

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