Maia & Marissa in The Good Fight

One of the best things about The Good Fight is its portrayal of the many complex and varied relationships women sustain with all the people in their lives. Even when they’re being adversarial, it’s in a professional context, and they often share a laugh and a drink with those adversaries after the verdict. The series shows women being supportive of each other. They have each other’s backs, and not to sink knives into. And there is a particular union we’re shipping hard: Maia (Rose Leslie) and Marissa (Sarah Steele). At once surprising and obvious, their developing friendship has been one of the chief delights of the last seasons. Maia and Marissa are both young, keen, ambitious women, eager to get ahead in their careers, which helped them form a natural bond that has grown into a very solid relationship.

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  1. One says:

    Rose Leslie is leaving the show though.

    • Marion says:

      Yes, and this is the saddest news. But I think she’s right to leave considering how Maia was treated in the last two seasons.

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