Marcela and Vera in Desenfrenadas

Desenfrenadas, also known as Unstoppable, is a Mexican comedy-drama web television series that premiered on Netflix on 28 February 2020. The series revolves around three life long friends who all wish to escape their sugar-coated, mediocre and unsatisfying lives for a two-day break to Oaxaca. Before the three even have a chance to buckle their seat belts, they are interrupted by a gun-wielding ‘psycho’, forcing them to let her hitchhike. With now a fourth member of the otherwise unconventional ‘girl band’ thrown into the mix, the trio’s relationship is put to the test. Our spoilt trio of nonchalant ‘millennials’ is soon forced to re-evaluate their outlook on life. Marcela and Vera are portrayed by Coty Camacho and Tessa Ía.

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