Margot & Felicity in The Catch

The Catch follows Alice Vaughan (Enos), who runs a private investigation firm in Los Angeles, California. After becoming the victim of fraud by her fiancé, she is determined to find him, between working on other cases, before it ruins her career. Her fiancé, Benjamin Jones (Krause), is revealed to be a master con artist working for a high-stakes international crime operation along with Margot Bishop (Sonya Walger). Rose Rollins, Elvy Yost, Jay Hayden, Jacky Ido, and Alimi Ballard also co-star. Margot Bishop & Felicity are portrayed by Sonya Walger and Shivani Ghai. Their story start in the fourth episode called “The Princess and the I.P.”

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  1. VIRGINIE says:

    Hello i’m Virginie i’m a bi living with my gf and my two sons would like to share my stories…

  2. cadac says:

    I love their chemistry

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