Megan & Danielle, same-sex wedding in Long Beach

Megan and Danielle were married on May 21, 2016 in Long Beach, CA. Kristine Kirchmeier was responsible for filming the ceremony and edit a short film, called the Koala and the Princess, which recounts their wedding day. We thank her very much for sharing this journey of joy with us and as she says herself: “it was one of the most genuinely beautiful and deeply meaningful weddings I have ever been to. I dare you to watch this and not feel something. Thank you Megan and Danielle for being such a great example of what unconditional love is. So much admiration for you guys.” Orginal note: the cover song we hear in the clip was performed by the brides. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find any article or circumstancial website which would recap in details the love story of Megan Wallace and Danielle Camilo. Maybe because it is the first time that Kristine Kirchmeier agreed to film this type of event. She doesn’t seem to be affiliated with any organization. You can find a shorter version of the fateful moment here on Vimeo.

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