Micaela & Raffinee, classic lesbian wedding in New Mexico

Micaela & Raffinee were married in 2014 at the historic Loretto Chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The brides spent a part of their day separately, alongside their friends, family and ladies of honor all dressed in red, before being reunited again for the ceremony. I love how they both chose to wear a traditional white bridal gown to mark this special event as mrs & mrs. The clip below retraces their journey from preparation rooms to the night dance party. You can read the blog of Toni Gambino, one of the appointed photographers, for his behind-the-scene insight to their engagement shooting session. A complete transcription of their vows and couple love story can be found on 4realequalityweddings. Note: Micaela & Raffinee met at Santa Clara University.

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