Morgane and Sandrine in Tomorrow is Ours

Tomorrow is Ours, also known as Demain nous appartient, is a French television soap opera created by Frédéric Chansel, Laure de Colbert, Nicolas Durand-Zouky, Éline Le Fur, Fabienne Lesieur and Jean-Marc Taba. It was first broadcast on TF1 on July 17, 2017. The series follows the lives of several families and inhabitant of Sète, Hérault in France, at the edge of the sea and the Étang de Thau. Their lives are punctuated by intrigues combining police investigations, lies and family secrets, rivalries, betrayals, but also scenes of daily life, romantic relationships and social issues. The show features a lesbian couple formed by Morgane Guého and Sandrine Lazzari, respectively portrayed by Marie Catrix and Juliette Tresanini. English subs in option.

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