Motherland: Fort Salem, the official trailer

Motherland: Fort Salem is an upcoming American drama series created by Eliot Laurence that is set to premiere on Freeform on March 18, 2020. The first season will be 10 episodes, revolving around a trio of witches who are trained to become powerful weapons for the American military. Raelle is a reluctant recruit with major authority issues whose mother recently died in the line of duty. Tally is a kind, strong-willed and curious witch who enlisted despite her mother’s passionate disapproval. Abigail is an unquestionably alpha, smart, driven and courageous witch who hails from the upper echelons of the military society and is excited to be joining the ranks of the witches’ army. Scylla is a playful yet dark and mischievous recruit who is not what she appears to be. Anacostia is a tough but wryly humorous drill sergeant whose chief concern is keeping the young recruits alive through basic training. And General Sarah Alder is the highest-ranking officer in the Armed Forces and the only leader the witches have ever known.

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