Natalia and Alba’s friendship in Operación Triunfo

Operación Triunfo is a reality television talent show which first aired on Spain’s TVE network in 2001. A music talent contest with viewer voting and reality show elements that originated Endemol’s Star Academy franchise, the show aims to find the country’s next solo singing sensation. The concept is simple: A selection of hopefuls is boarded in “The Academy”, managed by a headmaster, where they are coached by various professionals in several artistic disciplines and are filmed with cameras (an idea borrowed from another of Endemol’s major reality shows Big Brother). Once a week, the contestants have to face a prime time show, where they sing a cover version of a popular song they have prepared during the week before, as well as recapping their trials and tribulations at The Academy from the past week. The live show will often feature special guest stars, with whom some of the contestants have the opportunity to sing. Based on the judges’ verdicts and viewer voting, the weakest contestant is dropped. The eventual winner is awarded a record deal and/or some amount of money. This playlist is dedicated to Natalia and Alba‘s fiendship, who respectively won the second and third place in the season final. The depth and beauty of their relationship have made the show truly fascinating.

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